Datum Point

Datum Point

Our screw machine carbide insert systems are based on using standard dovetail holders which can be purchased from several vendors in the industry. We can recommend the companies that we have had the most success with when working with their holders. There are standard holders on the market that incorporate all the same “advantages” that proprietary holders do, such as: taper adjustment, maintaining center line and quick change functions; datum point engineering can also be easily incorporated into an insert system based on standard dovetail holders.

There are companies who have developed complete insert systems for screw machines which incorporate proprietary holders; to be clear we are not knocking these systems, but only pointing out that if you invest in a proprietary system you are locking your company into that system and the proprietary supplier of the tooling holders and necessary accessories. As long as you are receiving the quality tooling and the support you require at a reasonable price, then all is well. But if this situation changes, you may have difficulties working with another supplier.

We have experience in helping companies large and small to transition smoothly out of this situation into standard dovetail holders – some decided to do it all at once and some needed to do it gradually. If your company is facing this situation now – we can help. Give us call to discuss what we can do.


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