We have been servicing the screw machine industry since 1968. From carbide insert tooling and dovetail form tools, to circular form tools, recess tools and reamers as well as broaches, EDM services and much more, we provide the highest quality tooling for high-volume screw machine production to a wide variety of industries. When it comes to your business, go with a tooling company that you can trust. Throughout our decades of hard work, we’ve created trusting and long-lasting relationships with those in our industry and the industries we serve. We’re proud of what we have to offer our customers – and all at a very competitive cost.

We approach every job we work on with the same care and dedication. We know how important your business is to you, because it’s equally important to us too. For over the past five decades, our company has committed ourselves to exceeding our customers’ expectations, as well as our own. We’re proud of how far we’ve come as a screw machine tooling company, and we want you to become a part of that successful history.

We strive to set a high-standard business model by operating with honor, and treating customers, employees and vendors fairly and respectfully. By providing this environment and through these practices, we know American workers and businesses become the most productive and achieve the most prosperity. Honesty and integrity. Efficient and friendly services. Knowledgeable practices and the highest quality of industry techniques. These are just some of the promises we make to our clients. You can trust us for all of your screw machine tooling jobs.

To develop superior manufacturing methods that maximize the tool-life of our inserts We’ve manufactured custom screw machine tooling for a number of industries throughout our over 50 years in the business. During that time, we’ve also gained extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry; thus, enabling us to better serve our customers. From better practices, to a higher quality of insert tooling services, you receive nothing less while working with E&P Form Tool.

Our commitment to top shelf service and our customer-oriented nature allows us to build lasting relationships with our customers. Our precision manufacturing methods and attention to detail when producing our screw machine tooling, keeps our customers satisfied and loyal. We’ve invested a ton into our machinery and our facilities; couple that with our highly skilled and self-motivated machinists, meticulous engineering and process control we ensure our tooling jobs are done with the utmost precision. This allows us to meet and exceed our customers’ high-quality demands. Our commitment to accuracy means that you achieve the same cut and shape throughout the life of each insert.

From multi-profile insert shaper tooling to tooling for your CNC, we can handle it all.
We’re proud to be one of the top manufacturers of standard and custom precision industrial form tools in Michigan.

We also offer wire EDM service through our sister company, Accurate Wire EDM. (Website coming soon)


E&P Form Tool began in1968 with two skilled grinders who partnered together and determined to grow their business by producing the highest quality screw machine tooling in the Detroit area.

They quickly made a name for themselves as a company that delivered the high-quality tooling on time and reasonably priced. Local companies came to trust them as a go to source for their closest tolerance work.

In 1971 Joe Pod Sr. bought out his partner and his wife Mary came on board to handle the office work and finances. They remortgaged their house, invested in their company and never looked back.

Today E&P has highly skilled employees blended with cutting edge CNC Grinding and EDM machinery.


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