Inserts: Carbide & High Speed

Carbide & High Speed Insert Tooling

When the screw machine industry began to move towards carbide insert tooling for all the high-volume production work, E&P Form Tool also adapted to keep growing and moving forward. We have worked closely with our customers and vendors to develop rigid, user friendly, economical tooling systems based on standard dovetail holders. We have developed a simple and effective Datum Point method that can be used with standard dovetail holders as well as maintain centerline cutting when changing tools. We have also studied carbide grades, coating grades, edge preparation, stress relief, cutting geometry etc. to ensure that we supply our customers with the best performing inserts as possible. We guarantee all our insert tooling to deliver top performance results regarding tool-life, tolerance and finish.

Insert blanks & Blades

We keep a large inventory of carbide and high speed steel insert blanks, stripes and blades on hand for our own insert tooling needs. We may have the size and grade you are looking for already on hand but we can always manufacture them quickly enough for your specific needs.

Form & Shave Inserts & Holder

Inserted tooling has become more prevalent in the screw machining industry. Creating custom steel holders that fit into existing machinery and replacing only the cutting edge is the basic principle. Inserts can be made from a verity of high-quality materials and coatings based on the application. Let us help your production save time and money with inserted form and shave tools.

Circular Form & Shave Inserts & Holder

Inserted tooling isn’t exclusively for flat style tooling. Circular forms and shaves can be converted to inserts as well. Holders can be created to fit your machine and inserts can be replaced as they dull, no need for re-sharpening. Contact us to find out if this is a solution that could benefit you.

Recess Inserts & Holder

With most styles of tooling going over to inserts, recess tools are no different. Forming the inside of a part is challenging and requires precision tooling. Inserted recess tools provide the same precision and accuracy as traditional solid tooling, with no re-sharpening and less waste.

Triangle Inserts & Holder

Triangular inserts are common for many applications. We are tooled up to make triangle inserts as well as holders of various styles and sizes. We can even modify off the shelf inserts with other features, like chip breakers, to help with your production.

Grooving Inserts

Grooving inserts have been utilized in many applications. Weather your running a lathe, mill or screw machine, grooving inserts can help you with your process.


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