We’re a leading supplier of tooling for the automotive industry. We promise to assist you with your tooling requirements to the full extent of our abilities. From designing your products to providing you with suitable equipment, we assist you when it comes to fulfilling your tooling needs. We partner with our automotive clients to help them make informed choices, resulting in a longer life span of their tooling equipment and a more reliable and efficient production process.

Utilizing the finest equipment and services possible, we’re able to provide effective solutions to this fast-paced industry. Our equipment provides extreme durability and flexibility to every job they handle. Last minute engineering changes have the ability to be handled quickly and cost-effectively when compared to other tooling manufacturers. We believe that every project we do with the automotive industry should be handled with early project involvement, ensuring our high-powered clients the highest level of support available in the industry. We know that in this industry, time is of the essence. We work with you every step of the way to ensure nothing but absolute accuracy.

Fluid Control Systems

The fluid control system industry is one that demands extreme precision and accuracy. E&P Form Tool Co. provides just that to some of the world leaders in this industry. The tooling we supply our customers in this field make an array of parts for fluid control systems: valves, fittings, couplings, ferrules, connectors, etc. This demanding customer base has come to rely on the quality and high precision of our screw machine tooling to manufacture their parts to the exacting fit, finish and durability that they require to maintain the safe functioning of their products whether they are installed in low-pressure water systems, high-pressure chemical systems, nuclear power plants, submarines, offshore drilling rigs and other extreme working environments.


Creating innovative solutions for the aerospace industry one job at a time. Our numerous manufacturing services create expertly manufactured parts for a number of different end uses. From providing precision part machining, to design and construction of part production, we have the expertise to meet all challenges. We’re proud to bring over 50 years of experience in innovative tooling solutions to the aerospace industry.

Our tooling capabilities include design and fabrication of intricate parts essential to the aerospace industry. We specialize in primary tooling, composite tooling, reverse engineering and assembly tooling. We have a long line of industry assembly tooling specialties to fit your every need. From a number of different fixtures, to jigs, and tooling, we have the tools and capabilities to fulfill all primary, composite and assembly tooling requirements. We’re specialist in what we do. We are able to design and build the tooling parts desired from even our biggest customers.

Heavy Machinery

Manufacturing tooling and services among one of the most technologically-driven industries there is. We know our customers expect the latest, state-of-the-art and data-driven solutions. We have the services to deliver a product that is just as industry-leading and driven! To keep up with the ever-evolving heavy machinery industries, E&P Form Tool maintains comprehensive workforce development approaches.

These advances in technologies and services allow us to have our hands on the latest industry standards and practices. Ensuring your business receives nothing but the best care and utmost knowledge. This advanced knowledge gives us the ability to offer competency-based solutions that offer blended and customizable options to the heavy machinery industries. These customizable options ensure that your business performs optimally, requiring little to not maintenance as time passes. We’ve been in the industrial tooling industry long enough. We know what these leaders need and expect from a manufacturing partner.


We design and build tooling for various military aircraft engines, helicopters, missiles, carriers, naval aviation support and other various military vehicles and weapons. We provide our customers with a wide range of tooling applications for specialized applications necessary in the military sectors.

We’ve established and maintained an excellent repertoire within our military markets. They know that working with us, they can expect excellent customer service, nothing but the highest quality of products, and top reliability and performance standards. We don’t just meet our clients’ needs—we exceed them! We’re proud to serve our military and defense partners with precision metal parts and on-time delivery. They know they can rely on E&P Form Tool for all of their industrial tooling production needs. With our experience in the military and tooling industries, we’ve become a reliable source in the industry. We know the level of commitment the military industries expect from their partners.

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