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Accurate Wire EDM

Our Wire EDM service can help you with hard to machine areas and get you the quality you would expect from a precision shop. Our decades of wire EDM experience keeps us competitive and efficient. Visit the contact us page for a quote!

Acro-feed Bar feeder Parts and Service

Make taper adjustment easy with our recently developed Taper Adjustment tool holders for standard dovetails. With the turn of a wrench, you can tweak your parts to specification without have to regrind or shim tooling.

Screw Machine Consulting & Repair

When you are dealing with machines that have been around as long as multi-cam screw machines, you need someone with the know how to keep them running to their full potential. We can come to your facility, diagnose your machines and present you with solutions to keep them running at maximum productivity

Pneumatic Roll Support

Using an air powered actuator, this roll support system can engage and disengage smooth and precise.


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