Our engineering staff can design your tooling from start to finish for your ACME, New Britain, Cone, Davenport and Brown & Sharp machines as well as assisting tooling design for many other machine makes and models. We can supply full tooling layouts with Datum Point set-up for families of parts and for quick change over between jobs. (Read more in: Datum Point – Standard Dovetail Holders vs Proprietary Holders.)
We use AutoCAD and Solid Works for our design work and we can handle any every file type if you have workable CAD data. We consider this engineering to be yours and we will supply prints and CAD data upon request.

E&P’s Blanket Order Stocking

E&P Form Tool offers a stocking program for your tooling based on a yearly usage blanket order. This allows you to receive a quantity discount while you pay for the tooling as you release them from our inventory. We have many customers who have been taking advantage of this system for years – some for decades. Another benefit of this program is that you will never be in danger of running out of your key tooling – even in an emergency. Please call us for all the details to see if this program is a fit for you company.


As with our customers, we have also developed long lasting relationships with our key vendors to ensure that we always use the best steel and carbide, heat treating and coating services available. These relationships also help us to determine the best material grades, heat treat processes, stress relieving processes and coating grades to ensure the performance of our tooling.
We have also worked on joint ventures with screw machine re-builders for turn-key operations and can recommend great companies to work with for your replacement parts as well as for a complete re-build or purchase of a re-built machine.


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